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One of the most frustrating parts of finding an IT provider that works for you or your business is one
that can deliver everything you need and most importantly easy communication.

All our staff speak fluent English with up to 18 years of professional experience in the IT field.
At CyberAid we take the time to get to know your business in-depth so that each solution we provide is a perfect fit for your business.

So if you need something to smile about, contact us.

Computer Problems?

We specialize in providing computer sales, repairs and upgrades in and around Taipei, at very competitive prices

We can fix your PC or Mac computer or laptop same day!

The majority of our staff have 15 year’s experience in IT industry and are competent at resolving a wide range of computer related issues.

On-site Computer Repairs

Our mobile technicians will come to you and fix most problems at your Home or Office, same day.


If your computer requires some extra speed or you need to upgrade to a newer computer, our expert advice can save you lots of money and ensure you get the right system for your needs.

Hardware Sales

We build custom made computers and servers, and deal with large selection of Branded Pc's, laptops, peripherals and networking equipment. Speak to our friendly staff to discuss any of your hardware needs.

Resolve Software Issues

Do you have a computer that is misbehaving, running slow or not working as it should? Software applications that are crashing or Windows not booting up? Our techs have seen it all before…

Virus & Malware Removal

Got a virus or constant pop up that’s preventing you from using your system? CyberAid staff are expert at cleaning systems which have been infected with all types of viruses and bugs…and we can recommend how to stay protected.

Fix internet & Wireless Issues

We deal with internet drop outs and wireless internet issues everyday. So if you’re experiencing these sorts of issues, call us we’ll iron out your problems with a minimum of fuss. Our staff carry all the right testing equipment and parts in case you need new hardware.

On-Site Computer Repairs – We Come To You!

CyberAid offers on-site computer repairs and IT support services for home and business users…
We carry a large array of parts and components allowing us to get you up and running without the need to take your computer away or make a return visit (in most cases).
our goal

Our Goal

To get you up and running as quickly as possible, with a minimum of fuss, and to recommend any solutions that can improve your IT experience.

our services

Our Services

CyberAid provides a full complement of computer services catering to the needs of business owners and home users. We have a team of qualified Computer Technicians who specialise in dealing with basic computer issues, right through to complex IT network environments. We understand business needs, and strive to have a long term relationship with clients.

We Offer

General Computer Service & Maintenance
On-site Computer Repairs – Home or Office
Data Migration
Software Installation
Internet and Email Setup and Assistance
Website Design & Hosting
Wireless routers / Network Installation
Antivirus Installation and Upgrade
Spyware and Virus Removal
Data Backup Solutions
Consulting on buying or upgrading your IT hardware or software systems
Laptop Repairs

Hardware Upgrade

If your computer isn’t that old and just needs a little bit more “grunt”, or one of the internal components just can’t cope with the added strain of what you’re throwing at it, then performing a small, low-cost upgrade may be just the thing your computer needs.
We regularly save our clients hundreds of dollars by suggesting a small upgrade, rather than replacing their entire system.

Upgrade Examples

Some examples of recent upgrades we have performed for customers include:
Extra memory:

the addition of extra RAM for NT$1000, result in a performance boost of 30%.

Replaced existing graphics card:

customer spent NT$2000 on a better graphics card and was able to play the game she wanted without the game freezing up.

Replaced existing hard drive:

we replaced the customer’s existing mechanical hard drive with a Solid State drive for NT$850 which delivered a 100% boost to performance, and used their old drive for a new backup system.

Replaced motherboard:

discovered a blown capacitor in the customer’s 18 month old motherboard, and supplied a replacement for NT$2000, saving the customer from going out to buy an entirely new system.

Installed a dual output video card:

this provided the customer with a dual screen solution for under NT$1500 (2nd monitor excluded).

Of course, if you do need an entirely new system, CyberAid can custom build a new systems to suit your needs. Feel free to discuss the options with our friendly staff.

New Systems & Laptops

We realize that a “one size fits all” approach usually ensures that you won’t get the right computer for your needs, that’s why at CyberAid we custom build  PC’s and workstations to suit the needs of every customer, based on their individual needs. And if it’s a laptop or tablet you require, we will assess the processing power and capacity you require and choose a brand and model to suit.
Whether you need a low-cost entry-level workstation for performing basic administrative functions right through to high-end super fast systems for gaming, graphic design or CAD, we can tailor-make a system to suit your needs.

Why Buy From Us:

There are a number of good reasons why you should consider buying your system from us:

What We Offer:

Servers, Workstations, PCs, laptops & tablets.

Printers, Scanners, Multi-functions.


Hubs, Switches, Routers, Firewalls and Wireless equipment.

Traditional wireless equipment and enterprise-grade unified wireless solutions.

All Microsoft Windows and Office Products, Antivirus security products, and a large selection of other software.

Off-site Backup and Local backups – Tape, Hard drive, NAS, USB, etc.


Cash drawers, Docket printers,  Bar-code scanners, and lots of other POS stuff.

A large variety of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS).

Resolve Windows & Other Software Issues:

Is your computer misbehaving?

System running really slow or freezing up?

Do you have an application that just isn’t doing what it’s supposed to?

Having internet problems? Or


Having trouble connecting to a peripheral device?

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